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This stage includes:

  • ORGANISING: transcripts of interviews, translating into foreign languages
  • DIGITISING AND EDITING: at one of our new FCP (Final Cut Pro) edit suites
  • ADDING: visual effects including titles and 3D effects; sound effects; dubbing
  • EDITING: a first or rough cut and uploading this to our site for viewing and initial approval; editing a second cut to include any changes and video effects.
  • FINALISING: written commentary and recording English and/or foreign language voice-overs
  • SUBTITLING: into English or other languages
  • Colour grading
  • DVD or CD menu design and authoring
  • DVD or CD disc and inlay design
  • Video Export and Uploads - after each edit, we can export and upload your video to the client area on our website. We then e-mail you a link for you to review and comment. We can provide a progressive download, viewed immediately and/or a downloadable version at a range of resolutions. Call us for more information.
  • Delivery platforms: DVD, CD, web, mobile, ipod, DVcam, digibeta, HDV, HD video tape.
  • Selling-in and distributing B-rolls or video news releases (VNRs) to UK broadcasters; distributing VNRs worldwide.

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